There are 5 types of pygmy possum; Eastern, Little, Mountain, Western and Long-tailed.

The Eastern Pygmy Possum, as featured on this badge, weighs 15 to 43 grams.  The Little, or Tasmanian pygmy possum weighs 7 to 10 grams and is the one you might see clinging to waratahs or people’s fingers.  Both of the Eastern and little are listed least concern (least threatened) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Western and Mountain Pygmy Possums are critically endangered.  The Mountain Pygmy Possum is threatened by habitat destruction and fragmentation, such as building of alpine ski resorts, climate change, feral cats, red foxes and threats to their prime food source Bogong moths. They were once thought extinct.

Not much is known about the Long-tailed Pygmy Possum, which inhabits altitudes over 1500m.  It eats insects and nectar.

The donation from this Wildlife Wizards badge goes to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, who help rescue and look after wildlife who have been injured.

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Pygmy Possum Pal